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Missouri Courts Covered

Jackson County
Kansas City
Lee's Summit
Blue Springs
Grain Valley
Oak Grove
Sugar Creek
Clay County
North Kansas City
Excelsior Springs
Pleasant Valley
Platte County
Platte City
Cass County
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Prairie Village
Roeland Park

Wyandotte County
Kansas City, KS
Traffic Tickets

My Services

At Ludeman Law Firm, I handle any kind of traffic matter that a driver can run into, whether it's a simple speeding ticket or moving violation, driving while suspended, driving without insurance or CDL violations.  Use the traffic form to the left to send me a quick message and I'll try to respond within a few hours.
Ticket Amendments or Diversion

What my office does for the typical client is have a moving violation, like speeding, reduced to a non-moving violation so that my client can avoid points on his or her license.  This is true for Missouri courts.  In Kansas, I seek either amendment or diversion to reduce a moving violation to a non-moving violation (Kansas doesn't have points). 

Ease for the Client

For nearly all simple moving violations, you will not have to appear in court, I will appear for you.  I welcome clients to stop by the office, but if you can't make it, I can go over your quote by phone or email and you can submit payment by phone, online or by U.S. Mail.  You will then receive a letter from me with the disposition of your case along with your original court receipt indicating fines were paid for the amended ticket.

Local Courts Covered

There are more about 63 local municipal courts within about a 20 mile radius of my office.  Actually, there are probably more than that and I try to cover them all.  I appear in............
in all Municipal Courts Jackson, Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri; Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas; and some in Cass County, Missouri.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of courts.  I cover even more outlying courts in Missouri and Kansas depending on local court rules, so feel free to inquire.


Attorney Fees:
Generally for simple moving violations like speeding, stop signs and lane changes, the attorney fee charged will range from $125 to $150 depending on the court location and other factors, including: excessive speed; an accident; companion tickets; among many others issues that can be involved.

Fines and Court Costs:
Anytime you are trying get a traffic ticket amended, remember that in addition to the attorney fee, you will also owe fines and court costs for the amended charge.  Many client's ask if fines are simply doubled and this is mostly true for Kansas tickets, but Missouri prosecutor's generally increase fines by 150% to 270% to have an amendment done. 

No Original Fine Amounts:
When seeking a quote, you will receive a total amount from me to have your ticket amended.  That amount will include the attorney fee and amended fines and court costs.  It will never be in addition to your original fine amount and you can disregard that amount once you hire an attorney.

Driving While Suspended Tickets

These are the toughest tickets to deal with, but they are also my favorite because I help drivers get back on the road legally.  Attorney fees for driving while suspended ("DWS") tickets start at $350 and go up if you have companion tickets.  I'll let you know how you can be reinstated and hopefully get you reinstated before your final court date.  In nearly every instance, these tickets can be amended to a no-point or low point offense so you can keep driving.

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No Insurance Tickets

If you had insurance on the date of your ticket, I can assist you with having this ticket dismissed on your court date.  If you get insurance after the court date, this ticket can be amended to a non-point offense so that you won't receive 4 points on your license (for Missouri drivers).

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